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Prime Dental Centre offers top-quality services for dental implants in Surrey.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Dental implants act as permanent tooth roots, providing a stable foundation for replacement teeth. Our Surrey specialists focus on enhancing your smile, offering implanted teeth that bring numerous benefits. Enjoy the ability to speak, chew, and laugh with ease. Prime Dental Centre prioritizes staying at the forefront of dental techniques, using cutting-edge methods for implant procedures. Contact our office now to book your appointment and experience the difference

State-of-the-Art Dental Implants in Surrey

In a world where oral hygiene struggles to keep up with evolving dietary habits, dental problems are on the rise. Losing a tooth can be distressing, but Surrey specializes in dental implant surgery in Surrey. We are dedicated to restoring the health and beauty of your smile through advanced methods

Replace Missing Teeth with High-Quality Implants

Our Surrey dental clinic offers cost-effective solutions for replacing missing teeth with high-quality implants. Feel comfortable with your artificial teeth for a lifetime while choosing from our wide range of services. Benefit from our countrywide network of approved dentists who guide you through the entire implant procedure. Call us for a free consultation

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants in Surrey

Patients often wonder about the cost of dental implants and whether they are worth the investment. At Prime Dental Centre, we strive to make dental implant surgery in Surrey affordable for everyone. Our dental specialists provide top-quality implants that last a lifetime. Call our office to book your appointment and get detailed information on prices with no hidden charges

Patient-Centric Approach at Prime Dental Centre

Our clients are of utmost importance, and we ensure they leave our clinic feeling cared for. We have diligently worked to provide professional oral surgery at a fair price, offering numerous advantages to every patient. Owned and run by licensed and experienced dentists, our clinic prioritizes the highest standards of patient care, dental procedures, and ethics. Patient needs and safety always come first, with highly qualified surgeons and dentists delivering the best dental implants in Surrey

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Implants

We have answered some of the most common questions asked by the patients with the help of our dental implant specialist in Surrey. These answers will provide you with more useful information about dental implants and help you make a better decision

What are dental implants?

The world of dentistry has evolved significantly through the past years, but dental implants are perhaps the most revolutionary treatment in this regard.

Dental implants are dental prosthesis that play the role of a tooth root. They can whether replace a single lost tooth, several missing teeth, or a full arch of them. The implant expert inserts these titanium posts surgically into your jawbone to be secure support for abutment, and then dental crowns or fixed bridges on top of them. Dental implants are the best alternative compared to dentures

Who is the right candidate for dental implants?

Every patient suffering from missing teeth may be eligible for dental implant surgery. However, first and foremost, one should have sufficient jawbone density to keep the implanted teeth firmly in their place.

Besides, those who don’t maintain good oral hygiene may face some obstacles regarding their implant surgery. Heavy smoking may also cause your dental implant treatment to fail. Our Surrey dental implant specialist thoroughly examines your jawbone and oral health before taking any steps for your treatment. We will diagnose any problem that may lead your dental implant surgery to fail in such a case

How long do dental implants last?

The implanted teeth are intended to be permanent since they get bonded well with your jawbone. However, the dental crown attached to your dental implant may wear down or break over time and require a replacement.

Moreover, regular flossing and brushing are essential if you aim to keep your dental implants longer. You can also entrust your treatment to our specialists to have a permanent set of dental implants in Surrey that lingers for a lifetime

If you are looking for a dentist in Surrey for Dental Implants please call us at 604-588-8050 or book an appointment online.

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